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Top 6 skin concerns for men that no one wants to talk about

Top men's skin care concerns

Guys, we don’t always like to admit it, but we’ve got skin problems. The fact is 90% of men have some sort of skincare routine albeit it might be a bar of soap; so clearly, we must care about our skin, right?

Check out the top 6 skin concerns for men below. Over the next several weeks, we’ll be addressing each of these so stay tuned.

1. Razor burn

You get it. It feels like you sanded your face. It happens to almost everyone. YOU are not alone.

2. Oily skin

Does your face look like you should be the next contestant in a body building competition? Tame that shine.

3. Face, chest, and back acne

Does anyone want to admit this? Sadly, this is a problem whether we are 15…or 45. It’s just NO ONE talks about it, but we will.

4. Dry skin

Hard to tell if you’re a human or a reptile? Whether you live in a cold climate or in the tropics, dry skin can be an issue.

5. Wrinkles

Unless you are getting Botox or only 20, you’re probably dealing with a few wrinkles. Let’s talk about how you reduce those crevasses and prevent new ones.

6. Age spots

Spend too much time out in the sun without sunscreen in the 80’s? We’ll tackle this one too.

Did we miss one? Hey, let us know. We’d love to address it in an upcoming blog post. Just drop us a note on Facebook, Instagram or email us at


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